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Request Burial of Ashes in Memorial Garden

Many may not realize that the beautiful, yet otherwise unassuming, garden adjacent to the preschool on the Northside Drive-end of the church property, is the final resting place for over 120 parishioners, beloved family members and friends. The garden area, complete with an arbor, two Celtic Crosses, a crucifix and several benches, is intimate and tranquil. Plaques on the wall identify those whose cremains have been placed in the garden, and family members are able to stop by to spend time in the garden whenever they want.


For centuries it was traditional for churches to have graveyards, on church grounds, where deceased parishioners could be buried. Over time, however, zoning laws prohibited this practice. Upon completion of the new church in 1995, Monsignor Dillon explored different avenues for reinstating on-site burial for those seeking an alternative to burial in a cemetery, which by definition means “apart from the church.” He was able to secure a permit to allow a memorial garden to be constructed in which cremated remains of parishioners and other loved ones can be placed in bio-degradable boxes. The area is recycled over time.


Monsignor Dillon says that the garden was purposefully placed "in a controlled space that would never conceivably be used for anything else." The cost for having a loved one buried in the Memorial Garden is minimal and covers the cost of the plaque and ongoing maintenance of the garden. If you would like more information about the Memorial Garden, please contact Kimberly Chalavoutis at 404-252-4513 x222.