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Become a Catholic - Holy Spirit's Faith Inquiry Program

If you're curious about the Catholic faith or you've even thought about becoming a Catholic, our Order of Christian Initiation for Adults (OCIA) program is just for you. Adults from all faith traditions, or no religious background at all, are welcome to participate in our 15-week program of instruction designed especially for the needs and lifestyles of busy people. The program focuses on four essential areas: what the Church teaches (what you must believe); how the Church teaches; the Bible; and spirituality.


Holy Spirit's learner-centered program is unique for a number of reasons. The class calendar is dictated by the date of Easter, which is different every year. Generally, the Fall session runs from late July or August to around Thanksgiving, and the Winter session runs from early December to Easter weekend. Our OCIA teams are dedicated to meeting the needs of the individual participant. They are backed-up by clergy that's involved and caring.


It's worth at least one phone call or e-mail to find out more. Please contact Dr. David King, Director of RCIA, at 404-252-4513 x246 for more information.