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Date Topic
September 10th 2023 Kick Off
September 17th 2023 The 10 Commandments: The One Who Freed You
September 24th 2023 The 10 Commandments: As Yourself
September 27th 2023 Confirmation Orientation 6:30-7:30PM in Malta Hall
October 1st 2023 The 10 Commandments: A Way Forward
October 8th 2023 The 10 Commandments: Prone to Wander
October 15th 2023 VIRTUS Sunday
October 22nd 2023 Marian Apparitions: Immersive Exhibit
October 29th 2023 Marian Apparitions: The Medium Is Not The Message
November 5th 2023 Marian Apparitions: Masterpiece
November 12th 2023 Service Night
November 19th 2023 No Class ~Happy Thanksgiving~
November 26th 2023 No Class
December 3rd 2023 Marian Apparitions: Curated Collection
December 10th 2023 Holiday Party
December 17th 2023 No Class
December 24th 2023 No Class ~Merry Christmas~
December 31st 2023 No Class
January 7th 2024 The Life of St. Paul: Blind
January 14th 2024 The Life of St. Paul: Zealous
January 20-21 2024 Confirmation Retreat at HSCC
January 21st 2024 No Class
January 28th 2024 The Life of St. Paul: Fearless
February 4th 2024 The Life of St. Paul: Inspired
February 10-11 2024 Confirmation Retreat at HSCC
February 11th 2024 No Class
February 18th 2024 No Class ~President's Day~
February 25th 2024 The Eucharist: Begin at the End
March 3th 2024 The Eucharist: Uncontainable Contents
March 10th 2024 The Eucharist: Perfection Through Imperfection
March 15th 2024 Confirmation Rehearsal 6:30-7:30PM
March 16th 2024 Confirmation Mass 11:00-12:00PM
March 17th 2024 Social Night
March 24th 2024 The Eucharist: Two Equals One
March 31st 2024 No Class ~Easter Sunday, He is Risen!~
April 7th 2024 The Eucharist: Two Equals One
April 14th 2024 End of The Year Party