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A Message from Msgr. Dillon

Good morning.


A number of people have asked me about the possibility of a trip to the Holy Land in 2019. To make a decision about that, I’d like to get a sense of how many people might be interested.


It would be a typical 10 day visit there, sometime between Nov 7 and 23. I have to give the agency some leeway on dates so they can negotiate with airlines and hotels. Typically the trip comes to about $4,000 per person, double occupancy, with an addition of about $175 for tips. This does not include lunch or drinks each day.


This is not a commitment. But if you think you might be interested, please send me an e-mail. We would need to have about 25 people to make it work for the agency who organizes these trips for me.




Msgr. Edward J. Dillon, J.C.D., Pastor

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

4465 Northside Drive, N.W.

Atlanta, GA. 30327


404-252-1162 (fax)